Is Candidae Really the Best Dog Food Out There?

What Is Candidae Dog Food?

Candidae is a premium dog food brand that prides itself on using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients. Their recipe is crafted without any artificial additives, fillers, or byproducts. Instead, they focus on real, whole foods like:

  • Deboned meat (chicken, fish or lamb) as the first ingredient. This provides a high-quality protein source to support your dog’s muscles.
  • digestible whole grains like brown rice and barley or grain-free options with veggies like sweet potatoes. These complex carbs provide energy and fiber.
  • Nutrient-dense superfoods such as blueberries, spinach, and coconut oil. These add antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fats.
  • A precise blend of supplements like glucosamine for joint health and probiotics for digestion.

With options for puppies, adults and senior dogs as well as grain-free and limited ingredient diets, there’s a Candidae formula for every dog. While more expensive than low-quality kibble, Candidae provides complete nutrition with ingredients you can feel good about. For many owners, the cost is worth the peace of mind.

Ingredients in Candidae Dog Food

Candidae is marketed as a premium dog food, but what really goes into those fancy bags and cans? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

1. Meat-based proteins

Candidae claims their first ingredient is always a high-quality meat protein like chicken, beef, or fish. That’s a good sign, since dogs are carnivores and need a lot of protein. Look for a named meat like “chicken” or “salmon,” not just “meat meal.” Meat meals can contain unnamed leftovers and byproducts.

2. Whole grains

Next up are whole grains like brown rice, barley, and oats which provide fiber, B vitamins and other nutrients. However, grains are not essential for dogs and some pets may be allergic to them. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you might try a grain-free version.

3. Vegetables and supplements

Candidae adds vegetables like carrots, peas and spinach which contain antioxidants and nutrients. They also include supplements like glucosamine for joint health, probiotics for digestion, and omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat. These extras are beneficial, especially for older or active dogs.

4. Artificial additives

The one downside is Candidae uses artificial colors and preservatives like BHA in some recipes. These unnecessary additives are controversial and may be harmful in large amounts. It’s best to choose a naturally preserved formula when you can.

Overall, Candidae looks like a high-quality dog food with excellent nutrition and beneficial supplements. However, some recipes do contain artificial additives, so check the label and choose options with more natural preservatives when possible. With the right formula for your dog’s needs and sensitivities, Candidae can be a great choice.

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Pros of Feeding Your Dog Candidae

Here are some of the pros of feeding your dog Candidae:

1. All-Natural, High-Quality Ingredients

Candidae uses ingredients you can actually pronounce and that are human-grade. Think chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, peas, and coconut oil. No artificial additives, byproducts, or fillers. This means your dog will get more nutrition from less filler. Candidae only uses non-GMO fruits and vegetables as well as hormone- and antibiotic-free meats.

2. Specialized Formulas for Every Dog

Whether you have a puppy, adult dog, senior dog, or dog with special needs, there’s a Candidae formula tailored to them. Candidae offers grain-free, high-protein, weight control, and prescription dog food options. So you can choose a recipe precisely formulated for your dog’s unique needs.

3. Made in the USA

All Candidae products are made in the USA, so you know exactly where the ingredients are sourced and that high standards are met during production. Candidae owns and operates its own manufacturing facilities to maintain the strictest quality control.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Candidae is so confident in the quality of their dog food that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you or your dog don’t love Candidae, you can get a full refund, even if the bag is open. You really have nothing to lose in trying premium, natural Candidae dog food.

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Cons of Feeding Your Dog Candidae

Here are some potential downsides to consider before switching your pup to Candidae.

1. Price

Candidae is a premium dog food, and it comes with a premium price tag. A 30-pound bag can cost $60-$90 or more, depending on the formula. If cost is a concern, Candidae may be out of your budget. Less expensive alternatives with similar ingredients are available.

2. Limited protein sources

Candidae only uses a single animal protein source in each formula. So if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to a specific meat like chicken, beef or fish, Candidae’s limited options may not work. Some dogs do better on a diet with multiple, rotated protein sources.

3. May not suit all dogs

While high in quality ingredients, Candidae’s nutrient ratios and calorie levels may not suit every dog’s needs. Some very active or working dogs may require more protein and calories. Puppies, small breeds and senior dogs often need specific nutritional requirements that Candidae’s “one size fits all” approach may lack.

4. Lack of grain-free options

If you prefer to feed your dog a grain-free diet, you’re out of luck with Candidae. All of their formulas contain grains like brown rice, barley or oatmeal. While grains are not bad for most dogs, some owners prefer to avoid them altogether.

5. Limited flavors

Candidae only offers a limited selection of flavors like chicken, fish and beef. If your dog gets bored easily with the same food every day, the lack of variety in Candidae’s line up may be problematic. More choices in proteins, flavors and formulas would make the brand appealing to a wider range of dogs and their owners.

Candidae vs. Other Popular Dog Food Brands

When comparing Candidae to other popular dog food brands, there are several factors to consider. 

1. Ingredients

Candidae uses wholesome, natural ingredients like deboned chicken, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Unlike many mainstream brands, it has no artificial additives, byproducts, or fillers. It’s also free from corn, wheat, and soy which can trigger sensitivities in some dogs. Brands like Iams, Purina, and Pedigree are more affordable, but contain lower-quality meat byproducts and fillers as main ingredients. For ingredient quality, Candidae is a clear winner.

2. Nutrition

Candidae provides well-balanced nutrition for most adult dogs. It has the appropriate amounts of protein from meat, healthy fats, digestible carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals. Some cheaper brands have more “empty” calories from fillers and less nutrition. Candidae does not have excess protein which some brands add as a marketing ploy. For nutritional content, Candidae ranks very high.

3. Price

Candidae is definitely on the higher end for dog food. A 30-pound bag can cost between $60 to $90, while a comparable size of a mainstream brand is typically under $40. If cost is a concern, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a brand like Purina ONE or Iams, though you sacrifice some quality.


If you want a natural, premium diet for your four-legged family member without breaking the bank, Candidae is an excellent choice. With so many recipes focusing on high-quality proteins, whole foods, and natural supplements, your dog will thrive on Candidae.

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