Inappropriate Cat Names


Who didn’t love the sarcastic and sassy cat Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? If you’re looking to channel that energy, here are some delightfully snarky pop culture-inspired names to consider for your feline friend:

1. Catniss Neverclean: For the rebellious kitty who refuses to use the litter box.

2. Paws Skywalker: The force is strong with this furry Jedi master.

3. Indiana Bones: This intrepid explorer is always on the hunt for treats and belly rubs.

4. Meowgarita: Your party animal who’s always ready for happy hour.

For the musically inclined, how about:

1. Cardi B: Your feisty female feline with lots of attitude.

2. Post Mealone: The hungry hipster who’s always meowing for more kibble.

And for binge-watching couch potatoes:

1. Walter Whitepaws: Your kitty cooks up mischief.

2. Daenerys Flurryborn: The mother of dragons…and hairballs.

While humorous, names like these would be highly inappropriate and could reflect poorly on you and your cat. Stick to more standard, polite names or at least avoid pop culture references with crude or uncouth connotations. A name is an important part of your cat’s identity, so choose wisely.

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Avoid Using These Offensive and Derogatory Cat Names

Avoid naming your feline friend anything derogatory or offensive. Not only is it disrespectful, but it can also reflect poorly on you as an owner.

1. Steer clear of racial slurs

Using racial slurs or disparaging terms based on someone’s ethnicity or culture is never acceptable. Your cat won’t understand the meaning, but others will, and it promotes harmful prejudice.

2. Avoid cursing or inappropriate language

Naming your cat something vulgar or inappropriate may seem funny in the moment, but it’s not a good long term choice. It can make others uncomfortable and reflects poorly on you.

3. Don’t make fun of appearance or disabilities

Giving a cat a name that mocks how they look or a disability they may have is cruel and insensitive. All cats deserve our compassion.

4. Keep religious references respectful

If you want to pick a name from a religion, do so respectfully and avoid terms that could be seen as irreverent or blasphemous.

NOTE: In the end, the golden rule applies. Name your cat something you’d be happy to call out repeatedly in front of friends, family, and strangers. A little humor and cleverness is fine, but avoid anything offensive, derogatory or disrespectful. Your cat and everyone else will appreciate it.

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Think Twice Before Naming Your Cat After a Celebrity Scandal

Naming your cat can be fun, but think twice before choosing a name inspired by a celebrity scandal. Those names might seem clever now, but they can quickly become outdated – or worse, offensive.

Consider how certain scandal-inspired names like “Tiger” (as in Tiger Woods) or “Monica” (as in Monica Lewinsky) might not age well and could reflect poorly on you and your cat. What seems cheeky and irreverent today may be seen as hurtful or insensitive in the future.

Your cat’s name will stick with it for life, so choose wisely. Opt for a classic, timeless name like “Smokey,” “Simba” or “Luna” instead of a fleeting pop culture reference. Think about how a name might affect your cat’s self-esteem and personality. Names have power and can influence a cat’s behavior and temperament.

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Rather than naming your cat something crude or offensive, show it love and respect. Choose a name that highlights your cat’s best qualities like “Sweetie,” “Buddy” or “Muffin.” Or pick a favorite character from a book, movie or TV show.


Naming a pet should be a joyful occasion. Have fun with the process but avoid hurtful, vulgar or scandalous names which could reflect poorly on you both now and for years to come.

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