Almost here!


Were you a guest at Reach Road Gallery or She-Bear Gallery?


Might you have been one who came in the shop and declared, "I want them all!" ? Usually followed by a hasty, "But I can't afford it." ?


Well, now you CAN own them all. (Sort of.)


She-Bear Gallery is proud to announce the near-arrival of the first ever comprehensive collection of Holly Meade woodblock and linoleum prints in book form.


This 213 page art book features over 200 compelling and soulful images from Meade's print career. Readers can explore the evolution of her skill, style, and subject matter, as well as gain a nuanced understanding of the ideas and values that motivated her work.


At 9 x 11 inches, this book is the perfect size for display on your coffee table or to snuggle up with in bed.


Also in this book, you'll find She-Bear Gallery  newsletters and new writings by Jenny Smick to accompany your journey through Holly Meade's print world.


Produced with the finest offset printing right here in the United States.


These delights should be available within a month or so. If you would like to receive an email announcing their availability for purchase, please drop me a line at You'll be the first to know!